How to Make Kombucha

Its extremely easy.

First you boil some distilled water, then you let it cool down to where you can comfortably stick your finger in it, bath water temperature.

Then you add either a few green tea bags, or black tea backs, or oolong tea bags. or mix them up, experiment with different teas or use
our recommended brands below.

Steep for X minutes, and pour into a large glass jar.

Add your kombucha culture.

Then just put it in a cool dry place and let it do its magic.  In a week try it, in 2 weeks try it.  See which flavor you prefer, either way
you're making the healthiest drink on earth, and your making it fresh yourself at home.  None of the large scale commercial bottled versions
will ever compare because they are so expensive mainly, in addition most of those are not true living product due to pasteurization
and other failures in their processing and procedure.