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Many health claims are made for Kombucha Mushroom Tea even though it has not been completely researched and we can't promise anything, it has certainly been shown to have beneficial antibiotic, antiviral and anti fungal properties in lab tests. There is a lot of experiential evidence from people who have been using kombucha tea over many years. Many of the benefits reported include improvements in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies, cancer, digestive problems, hypertension, HIV, chronic fatigue and arthritis. It‘s also used externally for skin problems and as a hair wash among other things.

- Balances pH in the body to promote a healthy immune system.

- Prevents certain types of cancer.

- During menopause, reduces hot-flash discomforts.
- Helps Constipation.

- Helps bronchitis, asthma, cough in two or three days. Will help children with plegm.

- Helps detoxify kidneys.

- It has proven useful in in cataracts and other formations on the cornea.

- Helps with allergies, also with aching nerves.

- It cleanses the gall bladder, helps colitis and nervous stomachs.

- Helps heal diseases. It will lower cholesterol and soften veins and arteries.

- Helps digestion.

- It will stop infectious diarrhea.

- Helps burning of fat, therefore, helps to lose weight.

- Helps the liver work more efficiently.

- Helps to level off glucose and sudden drops in blood sugar in diabetics. If taken daily, it will eliminate urea in 100 days.

- It has surprising effects on the scalp, helps avoid balding, thickens hair and eliminates gray hair.

- Helps Insomnia.

- It has proven useful in in cataracts and other formations on the cornea.

- Helps muscular aches and pains in shoulders and neck.

- Helps with allergies, also with aching nerves.

- Eliminates wrinkles and helps the removal of brown spots on hands. It is a skin humectant.

Note: As with any cleansing process, your body may undergo conditions which would require appropriate but simple care.

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