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We're a grassroots operation.  We don't invest time and money into advertising campaigns or branding and we don't pack a ton of literature into the package when we ship.  All our focus and attention is on the product itself, and maintaining the highest quality kombucha mushrooms.   We put all our attention and focus into raising the highest quality product.  While those other guys are spending a fortune on advertising, promotional materials and clever marketing schemes, we're all about the kombucha cultures.  We're very careful to follow procedure, and you should be too!

If you're looking for a glossy brochure, and pamphlets and a slick package, that's not us.  We're a very small time operation at this point with our focus almost entirely on the product. We've got a lot of heart and soul and we believe our kombucha mushrooms are very high quality.  Our hope is that we can help people improve the quality of their lives and we love to hear your success stories.  We are hearing a lot of those success stories lately as word is spreading here in the west about this ancient health tonic.

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