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Make your own healthy Kombucha Mushroom tea with our starter kits.  We send you top quality Kombucha scobys with instructions and you make your own.  Its easy, its powerful medicine, and its powerful good.  The Egyptians and the Chinese were both using Kombucha centuries ago, and it may be that they were onto something big.  We believe they were, and we could feel the difference very quickly.  Most health drinks don't really offer LIVE food, Kombucha tea is a living food and very beneficial for many ailments.  Large scale commercial operations can't come close to the quality you can achieve with our living mushrooms.

This is a delicious drink when you do it well and chill it, at least I prefer it chilled.
I like to add ginger root and/or some organic aloe vera juice to my drink, but there are many tasty ingredients to explore for sure.
Be sure and explore our RECIPES page and try some of those.

Kombucha has been popular historically with a wide range of cultures and has many names such as Combuchu,  Manchurian Mushroom tea, Kargasok Tea, Fungojapon, Fungus Japonicas, Tschambucco, Pichia fermentans, Cembuya orientalis, Mo-gu,  Kvass(Russia), Tea Kvas, Teakwass, Kwassan, Russian Mother, Volga Spring, Manchurian Elixir and Champignon de longue vie (France) but in more scientific circles it is called Medusomyces Gisevii Lindau.

Although many people have reported curing cancer, diabetes, and a wide range of other ailments, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with anything, please consult your physician with any questions.

Drinking Kombucha
Some people find that they're sensitive to kombucha at first. It's suggested you drink no more than two ounces a day until you know how your body handles it. I have worked up to being able to drink a whole 16 oz.  bottle at a time , mostly in the summertime because it's refreshing, with no ill effects, though when I first drank it I did have a bit of a rumbly tummy--not bad, and not at all painful, but my internal flora were definitely adjusting. That's to the good; properly brewed kombucha is one of the best of the probiotics.

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